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Best average peak gain and accuracy level among all Penny Stock pick websites ever



2015 was not an easy year for the stock market. Despite this our average accuracy level of all the picks was way over 91% with huge profits for our subscribers. Unlike most penny stock websites we do not hide any information from you and posting our past picks as a proof of our brilliant work. We are not paid to pick stocks. All the stocks we pick are listed and securely traded on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ. We don not pick any stocks trading on the Pink Sheets or the OTC. We find Real companies with great Financials and positive Net Income. We are 100% candid!




Our picks which gained 100% and over in a short period of time!


View some samples of our past picks.


LPTH (long buy) - our pick of LPHT was on August 18th, 2015 with a profile price at $1.69 – January 12, 2016 the stock gained 125% for our subscribers hitting $3.79.


TOO (long buy) - we profiled TOO at $4.94 on March 15th, 2016– In 2 days on March 17, 2016 it ran by 35% to $6.68.


TVIX (short sell) - we profiled TVIX at $19.39 on September 1st, 2015 – It slid down to $5.32 as expected by December 2nd, 2015 bringing 73% of net gain for our subscribers.


GBSN (short sell) - we profiled GBSN at $4.60 on December 14th, 2015 – it went down to $0.11 in a month making 97.5% of gain for our subscribers on Junuary 20, 2016.









Best penny stock picks – Best gains - Best accuracy level.


We know that our experience and knowledge allows us to find the best stock picks, that’s why we don’t hide any information from you and allow you to see our past stock picks. You can always make sure by seeing our stock picks we have posted in the past and how well they have done on the market bringing huge gains for our subscribers!


All the stocks we pick are listed and securely traded on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ.


Of course you should not expect to profit that much in real life. Gains in percentage that you see on the charts reflect the prices of the stock when it was posted to its highest peak at certain times. We placed these charts for you as a comparative analysis of our service to other websites but not as the average profit you should expect from our picks.


If you made up your mind to trade penny stocks and other inexpensive stocks by signing up for our service, ask yourself why other websites do not show you their past stock picks or just briefly show two, three successful picks and refuse to compare themselves with others? There is only one reason, and one answer. They hope that you will grab their bait and stop searching the internet for a website like ours. We show you the date we made our pick, the price at that time when we posted our pick. In our stock picks we specify the name of the stock as a ticker symbol, the sector in which it is traded, the profile price on that day, the stock exchange it’s traded on, buy option prices, short term sell prices and long term sale prices. None of our competitors will give you more detailed information than we do to build on your success on the US stock market. We encourage our subscribers to use our ideas, accumulated in years experience to make 15-30% of earnings per share and then move on to our next stock pick. This is the fastest way to increase your capital gain from month to month. As we have already mentioned before we are not limited to Penny Stock picks only. Also we post the most profitable Funds (ETFs) at particular time, hard to find Value Stocks, Growth Stocks and Shortable Stocks for you on a regular basis depending on the market direction and its trend.

We will advise you what would be the best American online brokers with lowest commission fees and precise execution of market orders. We provide you with detailed instructions on how to open their account and transfer your funds to start your successful trading on the US stock market, how to withdraw your funds and profits and transfer them anywhere in the world. We have developed a special package of additional services for our VIP clients!

If you are in search of a reliable source for successful trading on the US markets we hope you will make the right choice to stay with us.

Do not waste your time trying to search for some useless information on the web. You deserve the best service! Become a member and get access to our highly professional, candid bulletin on long and short stock picks. Use our priceless information and make a fortune by trading on the American Stock Exchanges.



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