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Please check Our track record! We do not hide any information from you. You can see all our picks in the past open to the public. This way you can see what stocks we chose for our readers, when exactly it was done and how they performed later on. Most of other sites hide their past picks and let you see them after receiving your non-refundable payment at best.

PennyStocksUS is a unique website specializing in Penny Stocks, Hard to find Value Stocks, Growth Stocks and best Shortable Stocks for the U.S. Markets. We are one of a kind website offering all these valuable information altogether. We want our subscribers to succeed as much as possible.


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 PennyStocksUS is a unique, one of a kind website offering you a wide selection of Penny Stock, Hard to find Value Stock, Growth Stock and Shortable Stock Picks on a regular basis! Before we pick any of these stocks we do scrupulous analysis consisting of Macro Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Psychological Analysis. Using all in one gives us great results with over 91% accuracy of all picks we’ve done in the past. The companies we choose for you have great histories, good fundamentals, and are very hard to find at the right point of time. We were really shocked after we had compared Our track record with our competitors. Most of their picks are horrible ready to slide down immediately after they were picked. To make it look nice and glorious they just use phony numbers in the future as if the stocks they had chosen made lots of gains later on. If you check their picks you will see a completely different picture. Our subscribers get access to our online newsletter where we post a new research report on long stocks every Tuesday within first 30 minutes after the Market opens. Most of our long picks are under $5 per share (Penny Stocks) but you will also find some of them worth up to $10 or even $12 per share (Value Stocks, Growth Stocks). Our short picks selection is really unique. It will give you a great opportunity to find best possible shortable stocks to short them at the right time and slide them down for incredible gains. There are no exact days for posting our short picks since we post them as soon as we find them. Unlike the long stock picks list they are posted at noon 12PM (Eastern Standard Time) in two and a half hours after the New York Stock Exchange is open. We strongly recommend that you check our short picks list around 12 PM eastern time on a daily basis not to miss the great opportunities to short for huge gains. We also offer our Trading Techniques and Education information, How-To guide to make the most of your trades, how to find and choose the best online broker with an easy to operate trading platform and the best low commission, flat-rate trade fees. You will find detailed info on how to open an account at these brokerage firms (online brokers) even though you’re located outside the United States. You will learn how to make successful trades day after day to achieve great gains from year to year using our profound knowledge and real Wall Street experience gained over many years of hard work. Just following our unique method of conducting trades you will see positive results in a short period of time. Our goal is to help investors all over the world interested in trading stocks of small North American companies (small cap and micro cap) to get the right picks at the right time. These stocks can fly much higher in price or ready to fall for great short opportunities and give you big profits in a short period of time. This can be done by both experienced and non-experienced investors. It also applies to an investor with some decent amount on hands or a person with just a few thousand dollars as an initial investment.




Every stock pick we place reflects our professionalism and experience. We are one of the top leading companies in this field. The accuracy of all picks we have placed, including the sell short stocks, is greater than 91% at all times.  Our real Wall Street experience allows us to keep such a high level of accuracy. Check Our track record to see our truly unique stocks picks.


Why do we list all our past picks? So you can take a look at how our picks perform, what types of stocks we find. Now, ask yourself why other sites hide their past picks and only let you see them after you've paid, and after you accepted their no-refund policy. We treat our readers fairly, the way we would like to be treated. No excuses!


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We conduct our own research, create our own search parameters and even travel to visit companies when possible. We also have a half-dozen contributors that still work as traders and research associates who provide us with insight, tips and knowledge of where the big guys are looking to invest in under-the-radar companies. We DO NOT accept any type of compensation or payment from ANY company nor ANY person to profile these stocks. We created this website to offer you an exclusive service for picking the best Penny stocks as well as hard to find Value Stocks, Growth Stocks and best Shortable Stocks. Our goal is to teach you how to make a fortune on the U.S. Markets starting from scratch using our techniques and knowledge.


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